It's Not For Sale, But...
Lubbock, TX - Monday, July 22, 2019 - 7 Pages

List your classic or custom vehicles, and only people who've seen them up close and personal can make you an offer


Do you have a cool car or truck? Do people sometimes follow you around or flag you down to talk about it? That happens to us too. We're car, truck, and motorcycle guys. We have cool rides and people talk to us all the time about them. We enjoy that - it's part of the fun of driving something cool and different. That sometimes leads to the question, "Is it for sale?"

Guess what? If it was for sale, we'd put it on craigslist or ebay. Those sites are awesome at selling cars. We are not trying to sell our cars. However, as they say - everthing is for sale, so what we usually tell folks is this: It's not for sale, but.....If you are a serious buyer and want to make me an offer that I will find tempting, then I'll listen. And the only thing I will find tempting is an offer above market value.

That led us to build this application. We don't want to sell our rides and we definitely don't want to get dozens of phone calls with low-ball offers. So we came up with a way for serious-minded buyers to make above-market offers on cool cars.

Here's how it works - you enter your vehicle's information into the application. We send you some stickers that you put on your vehicle. The stickers have a code on them that is linked to your vehicle and also lets people know that your vehicle is Not For Sale, But..... If someone sees your vehicle in person they can scan the code with their smartphone and see the information you put in about your ride. They can't see any information about you - no email, no phone number, nothing. If they want to make you an offer, they can do so through the application. The only way for them to make you an offer is if they have personally seen your vehicle and scanned it, or someone they know has scanned it and sends them a link to it. If someone makes an offer, you'll get an email about it. There will be a link in the email to show you the offer details. If you decide to accept the offer, their info is revealed to you and you initiate contact on your terms. If not, that's the end of it.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, sign up and list your vehicle. Remember, we're not trying to help you sell your vehicle. Don't expect a lot of people contacting you about it. That's the main idea - it's Not For Sale, But...

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